Why Picture Books Are Important by John Couret

by Dianne on November 22, 2017

Why Picture Books Are Important by John Couret

I met Dianne on our first date.

At the time, I was completely blind due to an accident I had several months prior. We met at a local Cuban restaurant and immediately hit it off. After lunch she asked me if I would accompany her to the bookstore. She had already mentioned that she was a children’s book author but I had no idea what I was in for.

When we arrived at the store, she led me to the children’s section. It was there that she pulled out her book, “The Little Read Hen.” She then began to sing “not I said the dog, not I said the cat, not I said the pig and that was that.”

For the following two years, Dianne opened her world to me. She not only taught me how to write, she taught me how to better live. There were many school shows and trips along the way. There were many lessons learned in those two years, not least of which was how to love. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss Dianne. I hear her voice each time I read her stories. I still thank her in my prayers.

About John Couret

John Couret is the CEO of Write Hook Media. He is an author, a motivational speaker, “The Success Coach of Champions,” an actor, an entrepreneur, and the radio show host of “Breaking Barriers” on community radio station WHIV 102.3FM in New Orleans. He has acted in feature films as well as on television. His new personal growth book, Breaking Barriers: How to Knock Out Adversity and Live Life as a Champion releases in Summer 2016. His followers look forward to his daily quotes, which are posted to his social media platforms. His weekly motivational blog posts every Monday and he hosts a weekly video series on YouTube called “Championship Minute,” which features a 60 second motivational message every Wednesday.

Raised in Brooklyn, New York, Mr. Couret lived his childhood as a troubled youth, making poor choices and traveling down a self-destructive path. He left New York in his early twenties, renouncing the power and temptations that a life of crime offered. He moved to Florida and, during one of the lowest moments in his life, spent a year living homeless on the streets, eating out of garbage cans.

Mr. Couret’s indomitable spirit prevailed and he eventually landed on his feet, creating a successful career in the auto industry. Recently, he had an accident that left him legally blind. Through the healing process, Mr. Couret learned that although he lost his sight, he did not lose his vision. Now, his attention has shifted to empowering youth and people with his personal message of being “constructive, not destructive,” and living a life of integrity, purpose, and passion.

Literacy Activity
November 22 – Creativity

“Picture books teach the universality of many experiences.”(from Picture Book Month Teacher’s Guide: Why Picture Books Belong in Our Classrooms by Marcie Colleen, 2013)

Ask students to place themselves in a difficult situation like forgetting one’s lunch money or riding the wrong train. Thinking of solutions to solve a problem is creative thinking. Look at the events in a picture book which you read aloud that shows ways to be creative. Emphasize how characters creatively solve problems. Challenge students what they could do or would do in difficult situations.

Suggested reading
The Most Magnificent Thing by Ashley Spires
Something Extraordinary by Ben Clanton
Froodle by Antoinette Portis
Meanwhile by Jules Feiffer
What Do You Do With An Idea by Kobi Yamada

Be sure to download the Picture Book Month Teacher’s Guide: Why Picture Books Belong in Our Classrooms for more engaging ideas and activities to bring picture books into the ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies curriculum.

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