Why Picture Books Are Important by Colby Sharp

by Dianne on November 27, 2017

Why Picture Books Are Important by Colby Sharp

I am writing this post on my way home from spending the last few days with my fifth grade students at camp. These last three days have been the only days our entire school year that we haven’t shared at least one picture book together. As much fun as we have had at camp, I have really missed gathering with them on the carpet to read aloud a picture book.

Here are 12 reasons why I think picture books are important.

Little kids love them
Big kids love them
Adults love them
They make us laugh
They make us cry
They make us think
They help us understand the world
They help us understand each other
They stay with us
They are fun to book talk
They are fun to give as gifts
They smell good

I am really looking forward to having my students back in class tomorrow. We’ll begin our day reading the picture book Most People by Michael Leannah and Jennifer E. Morris. I’m sure we’ll have an important conversation after we read it, and I know that some of my students will carry that book in their hearts forever. I can’t wait!

About Colby Sharp
Colby Sharp is a fifth grade teacher in Parma, MIchigan. He is the co-founder of Nerdy Book Club and Nerd Camp Michigan. He co-hosts The Yarn podcast with his friend Travis Jonker. His first book, The Creativity Project comes out March 13, 2018.

Literacy Activity
November 27 – Reading and Writing

“Picture books prompt a variety of creative writing assignments.” (from Picture Book Month Teacher’s Guide: Why Picture Books Belong in Our Classrooms by Marcie Colleen, 2013)

Set up a reading and writing center in your classroom where paper, pen, crayons and staples, glue, scissors and magazines are readily available. Allot a free reading and writing time for students to create their own stories, real or imagined. Since Makerspaces are the trend these days, coordinate with the librarian in setting up a Book Making Makerspaces where in students can go to create books.

Suggested reading
Desperate Dog Writes Again
by Eileen Christelow
Kindergarten Diary by Antoinette Portis
Lost Boy: The Story of the Man Who Created Peter Pan by Jane Yolen

Be sure to download the Picture Book Month Teacher’s Guide: Why Picture Books Belong in Our Classrooms for more engaging ideas and activities to bring picture books into the ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies curriculum.

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